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      It is vital to provide your body with all the nutrients and energy it requires, not just to keep the body functioning, but to allow the body to repair and maintain tissues and regenerate.  The body is constantly trying to heal itself, and a good, well-balanced diet of wholefoods will help to support the healing process.

      General dietary advice

      As a general rule it is best to limit the following foods in your diet:


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      Processed foods – for example, ready meals.  These are often very high in salt, sugar and fat, and the packaging can give confusing messages about fat/sugar free contents.  They often also contain hydrogenated fats.  These are fats that have been altered chemically and are abnormal to the body, and can interfere with various metabolic pathways.



      Refined carbohydrates – often “white foods”, for example white bread, white sugar and white rice.  In the process of refining the original food, many of the vitamins and minerals have been removed, leaving a food with little nutritional value.  Refined foods are often used in products such as biscuits and cakes, ie foods that are very high in sugar and fats.



      Fizzy drinks.  These drinks often contain very large quantities of sugar, or the diet versions contain artificial sweeteners. Fizzy drinks leach vitamins and minerals out of the body and can unbalance the Sodium and Potassium stores in the body. Phosphates in fizzy drinks make the body tissues very acidic.

      Aspartame has been shown to be dangerous and diet fizzy drinks have been linked to increased risk of both diabetes and cardiovascular disease(see our research pages).




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      Stimulants – for example nicotine, coffee, tea, alcohol.  The liver is the major organ of detoxification in the body, and breaks down all the toxic products you put into your body.  Large consumption of any stimulant puts a great burden on the liver.



      For those that enjoy a fry up, bacon and sausages have both (separately) been linked to cancer. Eating just one sausage or around three rashers of bacon a day can increase the risk of developing bowel cancer by a fifth, according to the World Cancer Research Fund. They state that just 50g of processed meat daily increased the chances of getting bowel cancer by around 20 per cent



Eating healthily should be fun! Over time we are hoping to build a library of exciting healthy meals. These will also be featured in our newsletter

To find out what foods are generally healthy click on the good nutrition link

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