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      Healthy exercise

      This page is not about a structured training programme you can receive from a sports club or gym to get you fit. It’s about making sure you reduce your risk of suffering from coronary heart disease, obesity or mental health problems by being physically active. To achieve these health benefits doesn't require the same intensity of training as becoming fit. Health experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity at least five times a week. It might not sound too difficult but fast walking counts as a ‘moderate intensity’ exercise You do not even need to do all 30 minutes at one time, three ten minute sessions in a day is fine.

      So simply build physical activity into your daily routine. Top tips include:


      • Walking or cycling to work
      • Own a dog and walk it at least twice a day
      • Use the stairs not the escalator or lift whenever you have the choice
      • Try to walk whenever you currently use the car for a shorter journey
      • And when you do use the car park it further from your destination so you build a walk into your journey
      • Regular swimming is great exercise and doesn’t put too much strain on the muscles.
      • If you can, go walking for the sheer pleasure of it. And try to build some hills in. If you have access to open countryside then the beautiful views can help with reducing stress levels as well!
      • Take up Qi Gong (Chi Kung) or Tai Chi. Click here for our page on Qi Kong


      Remember this page is about being active to stay healthy. If you want to be really fit then you need to discuss your training programme with a fitness expert who will advise you on a programme including warm up exercises and aerobic exercises linked to your age, your weight and your current state of fitness.
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regular swimming is great exercise


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