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      Feverfew migraine & headache, health benefits

      Feverfew has been used to treat pain for centuries. It is a key herb used in the treatment of fevers, headaches, stomach aches, toothaches, problems with menstruation and labour pain during childbirth. More recently, the health benefits of feverfew for migraine headaches and rheumatoid arthritis have been discovered.

      Feverfew is used to treat:


      Migraine headaches


      Stomach aches

      Menstrual pain

      Arthritis pain

      Labour pain during childbirth (but avoid during pregnancy)


      Insect bites

      Side effects and contraindications

      Women who are pregnant should not use feverfew because it may cause the uterus to contract, increasing the risk of miscarriage or premature delivery.

      Some people can have allergic reactions to feverfew. Those who are allergic to other members of the daisy family (which includes ragweed and chrysanthemums) are more likely to be allergic to feverfew

      The fresh leaves can cause mouth ulcers with certain sensitive individuals

      Adult tincture dosage:

      Based on a tincture with a 1:3 herb to alcohol ratio take 2ml to 4ml three times a day

      When buying herbal remedies always buy tinctures not pills or capsules. Click here for more information and advice on buying herbal remedies.

      Naturopaths treat the whole person not just the disease or condition. That's why you cannot use this site for diagnosis or treatment. The information we provide should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. We recommend that you visit a qualified naturopath or find a GP who is sympathetic to a naturopathic approach. Click here for our full disclaimer.


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feverfew can help with relaxation and with migraines and headaches


Organic feverfew tincture can help with migraine headaches, fevers and menstrual pain




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