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      Sage health benefits

      Sage is the classic remedy used for alleviating inflammations of the mouth, tongue, throat, tonsils and gums.. As well as being taken internally it is used as a gargle for laryngitis and tonsillitis. it is also used alongside other herbs such as black cohosh and agnus castus in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

      The herb sage is used to treat

      Inflammations of the mouth and throat such as laryngitis and tonsillitis

      Flatulence & dyspepsia

      Kidney disorders

      Menopausal hot flushes and night sweats

      Nervous exhaustion

      For the reduction or prevention of lactation

      Side effects and contraindications:

      Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding

      Caution sage should not be taken over a long term as the essential oil in sage contains thujone which is potentially toxic

      There are no known drug interactions.

      Active compounds:

      Volatile oil monoterpenes including 30% thujone and 5% cineole, linanol, borneol, camphor, salvene, and pinene. Triterpenoids, flavanoids, rosmarinic acid, estrogenic substances.

      Adult tinctureosage:

      Based on 1:3 ratio tincture take 1ml to 2ml three times a day

      Naturopaths treat the whole person not just the disease or condition. That's why you cannot use this site for diagnosis or treatment. The information we provide should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. We recommend that you visit a qualified naturopath or find a GP who is sympathetic to a naturopathic approach. Click here for our full disclaimer.

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