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      Benefits of Gotu kola  -  Hydrocotyle asiatica

      Gotu kola information

      Gotu kola leaf is used by herbal practitioners as a nervine tonic, brain tonic and for skin conditions.

      Gotu kola leaf can be used for:

      Poor memory and concentration

      Mental confusion and anxiety

      Diabetic microangiopathy (damage to the capillaries especially in the eyes and kidneys)

      Improving microcirculation and decreasing capillary permeability

      High blood pressure

      Varicose veins

      Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

      To prevent scar tissue build up after injury or surgery

      Wound healing


      Do not use in pregnancy. Not suitable for sufferers of coeliac disease or those with fat malabsorbtion. Avoid if deficient in vitamins A, D or E

      Active compounds

      Essential oils, tannins, triterpenoid ester saponins.

      What herbal practitioners say about Gotu kola leaf

      Gotu kola is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as a rejuvenating tonic for those burnt out 'type A' people.  It is also used in the treatment of skin conditions especially where there is a nervous or stress-related element.  Gotu kola is a brain tonic, helping to improve memory, focus and concentration and it is excellent for children with learning difficulties such as ADHD and autism.  It is useful in the treatment of varicose veins and diabetic complications due to its positive effects on microcirculation and capillary permeability.  Used topically it will accelerate the healing of ulcers, boils, and wounds. 

      Tincture dose

      Adult dose:                 1.5 - 3mls three times a day. 

      Children’s dose:        0.7 - 1mls three times a day.

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gotu kola can help with memory and concentration

gotu kola can help with memory and concentration




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