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      Dandelion  digestive health, urinary health and liver health properties

      Dandelion root and leaf have been used since ancient times as a general cure all and its latin name Taraxacum officianale can be translated as the 'Official Remedy for Disorders'.

      Naturopathic practitioners prescribe dandelion as a natural remedy to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, reduce side effects of medications metabolised by the liver, and relieve symptoms associated with liver disease. It is also used as a herbal remedy to treat dyspepsia (indigestion) and treat loss of appetite.

      Dandelion can be used to treat:

      Liver disease


      To stimulate bile flow

      Loss of appetite


      High blood pressure

      Acid indigestion

      High cholesterol


      Side effects and contraindications

      Dandelion use is generally considered safe. However, there have been rare reports of upset stomach and diarrhoea, and some people are allergic to the plant.

      Dandelion may have an effect on increasing bile production and secretion, so people with gallstones (obstructed bile ducts) or other related diseases should avoid using dandelion leaf and root

      Adult dosage for Dandelion as a tincture:

      Based on 1:3 ratio tincture. Take 5ml to 10ml three times a day.

      When buying herbal remedies always buy tinctures not pills or capsules. Click here for more information and advice on buying herbal remedies.

      Naturopaths treat the whole person not just the disease or condition. That's why you cannot use this site for diagnosis or treatment. The information we provide should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. We recommend that you visit a qualified naturopath or find a GP who is sympathetic to a naturopathic approach. Click here for our full disclaimer.

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dandelion can improve digestive, urinary and liver health




dandelion should be avoided by people with gallstones



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