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      Bach Flower Background

      The Bach Flower remedies were devised by Dr Edward Bach, an eminent Harley Street doctor, in the 1930’s.  He sought for a method of healing that works in tune with nature and is free from side-effects. 

      Dr Bach recognised the need to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. By treating the emotional and spiritual sides of people it could lead to improved health and well-being both physically and spiritually.

      Bach believed each flower remedy captures the vibrational energy of the plant from which it is derived and helps to balance the emotional state it is associated with. There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies all derived from and named after a plant, except one, “Rock Water” which comes from a healing spring.  “Rescue Remedy” is a combination of 5 remedies, and as its name suggests is useful in emergency or stressful situations, for example before a job interview

      Each remedy is associated with an emotional state of mind or personality trait/type and can be used to treat the negative attitude that will enable the person to move towards the positive side of that state of mind. For example...


      Very good for people who are impatient and always in a hurry.  People who can’t tolerate others working at a slower rate.  Independent and easily irritated and frustrated. 

      Positive side – calm and able to deal with others in a decisive and diplomatic way.  Relaxed and good humoured, spontaneous but without the hastiness of thought.




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      Dr Bach believed that an unhealthy and negative state of mind would provide an environment for ill health and disease.  The remedies are perfectly harmless and non-addictive and can be used along side any other medicines or herbs.  They can be safely given to babies, children and the elderly, as well as to animals and plants.  The remedies are very gentle but can awaken and bring to light buried emotions.  By addressing the emotional state of mind, physical healing can also be encouraged.

      The remedies are usually sold singly as stock bottles, which are intended to be diluted, but after consultation with a Bach Flower Practitioner you may be given a combination of several remedies, often up to 6 or 7.

      Click here for a list of all the Bach Flower Remedies and a brief description of the emotional state of mind or personality trait associated with each.


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