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      Astragalus root & the immune system research

      Astragalus & Angina -  Astragalus & Hepatitus

      Chinese herbal medicine practitioners most commonly use Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) as a general tonic and specifically for boosting the immune system. Most research on astragalus has focused on its immunostimulatory activity and its apparently powerful ability to restore the activity of a suppressed immune system. Clinical trials as well as pharmacological data provide evidence for its usefulness in the prevention of the common cold and as an adjunct to cancer therapies. It is also useful as a complementary treatment during chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immune deficiency syndromes.1-3

      In traditional Chinese medicine and Western clinical herbal medicine, astragalus is usually used in combination with other herbal remedies and is very seldom used as a single herbal treatment. Pharmacological research of astragalus in combination with ligustrum (Ligustrum lucidum) provides evidence for activity against cancers of the breast, cervix and lung.

      A number of clinical studies have been reported regarding the use of astragalus for colds and upper respiratory infections. A prophylactic effect against the common cold was reported in an epidemiological study in China involving 1,000 subjects.

      Administration of astragalus, given either orally or as a nasal spray, decreased the incidence of illness and shortened the length of its course. Studies exploring this protective effect found that a two-week oral administration of the preparation enhanced subjects induction of interferon by peripheral white blood cells. Levels of IgA and IgG (immunoglobulin) antibodies in nasal secretions increased following two months of treatment.4

      The effect of astragalus on the induction of interferon was studied in another placebo-controlled study involving 28 people. Fourteen volunteers were given an extract equivalent to 8 g dried root per day and 14 were given placebos. Blood samples were drawn before treatment, then two weeks and two months after treatment. Interferon production by leukocytes was statistically increased after both time periods.5

      In China, astragalus is widely used in the treatment of cancer, both as a primary treatment and as an adjunct to conventional therapies. It is most often combined with other similarly acting immune-enhancing botanicals. A number of randomized prospective clinical studies of cancer patients were conducted using an undisclosed quantity combination of astragalus and ligustrum. The positive effects have therefore to be considered to be due to the cumulative effects of the two botanicals and cannot be presumed to occur with astragalus alone.

      According to a review article, breast cancer patients given a combination of astragalus and ligustrum as an adjunct to irradiation treatments showed a statistically significant decrease in deaths from one in two to one in 10. The authors cited an additional study in which patients with stage II and stage III cervical carcinoma who were given the herbs as an adjunct to irradiation showed a slight, though not statistically significant, increase in survival and disease-free state. In another study of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, the effectiveness of conventional chemotherapy (chemotherapeutic regimen not reported) was compared to the effectiveness of chemotherapy in conjunction with the same astragalus-ligustrum preparation. Those with squamous carcinoma of the lung showed a significant increase in mean survival time from 204 to 465 days, and those with adenocarcinoma showed a less significant increase in survival time from 192 to 324 days.6

      In another review, it was reported that 53 cases of chronic leukopenia responded favorably to an astragalus extract (1:1; 2 mL daily intramuscularly for one to two weeks). Improvements in symptoms and white blood cell counts were observed, but specific data were lacking.4

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      Monographs on Astragalus and the immune system

      - Astragalus membranaceus monograph. Alternative Medicine Review, Volume 8,

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      Peer- reviewed publication/ Individual studies

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      Astragalus & Angina

      Many of the studies on Astragalus have been conducted in China and do not stand up to Western medical scrutiny where double blind trials are preferred. One study by Li SQ et al monitored 92 patients suffering from angina who were given the Chinese herbal medicine Astragalus membranaceus compared with a control group of patients who were given the drugs Nifedipine and Tab. Salviae miltiorrhizae. The data revealed that group treated with Astragalus membranaceus experienced far better results.

      After having the herbal medicine administered, the patients were significantly less likely to experience the symptoms associated with angina attacks. Furthermore, improvements in clinical objective data such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and impedance cardiogram were also observed. The effective rate of ECG improvement was 82.6%. The treatment of ischemic heart disease with Astragalus membranaceus was significantly more effective when compared with the control group (P< 0.05).

      Li SQ; Yuan RX; Gao H [Clinical observation on the treatment of ischemic heart disease with Astragalus membranaceus] .Chung Kuo Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih (CHINA) Feb 1995, 15 (2) p77-80 conducted at the Affiliated Hospital of Jinzhou Medical College, Liaoning

      Further research on Astagalus and Angina:

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      Astragalus root & hepatitus

      In China astragalus is widely used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis. According to a review article, elevated serum levels of glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) returned to normal, and symptoms associated with the disease subsided within one to two months of treatment with an unspecified astragalus preparation.2

      In another report, an aggregate effective rate of 85.7 percent (significantly effective rate 61.2 percent) was observed in 49 cases of chronic hepatitis. Normalization of GPT levels was observed in 80 percent of the responsive patients within one to two months of treatment with an undefined injectable astragalus preparation.1 More detailed data regarding these findings were not available. Positive effects of oral administration of astragalus polysaccharides for treatment of hepatitis were reported by a group of researchers who demonstrated enhanced interferon production in a manner similar to that demonstrated in in-vitro studies.3

      A single in-vitro study exploring the possible effects of astragalus in the treatment of hepatitis B reported significant inhibition of viral protein expression and little effect on viral DNA synthesis.4 No additional data regarding this study were available.

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The root of atragalus can be useful for boosting the immune system


organic astragalus tincture can boost immunity and help fight cancer


Studies show atragalus can help prevent respiratory infections






organic astragalus tincture can boost immunity and help fight cancer





Astragalus can be used in the treatment of angina





organic astragalus tincture can boost immunity and help fight cancer





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Studies show atragalus can help prevent respiratory infections





organic astragalus tincture can boost immunity and help fight cancer





astragalus can help with hepatitus





Studies show atragalus can help prevent respiratory infections







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