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      Ashwagandha root information

      Ayurvedic herbal medicine practitioners most commonly use Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera or Winter Cherry) root as a tonic, an aphrodisiac and a sedative. The word 'ashwagandha' means "that with the smell of a horse" as it gives the vitality and sexual energy of a horse.

      Ashwagandha can be used as:

      A general tonic for vitality and energy

      An aphrodisiac  
      A sedative allaying pains, calming the mind and promoting deep dreamless sleep.
      Treating urinary ailments and easing the flow of urine.

      An anti-inflammatory helping atrhritis and rheumatic conditions
      As an antibiotic and an antibacteri
      al agent

      Active Compounds:  

      Ashwagandha contains somniferine, a bitter alkaloid which is present in all parts of the herb. The oil extracted from its roots is composed of  water soluble elements and water insoluble elements. The water soluble part contains some sugar, while the water insoluble part contains fatty acids including Vithenyle oil, Hentiroctane and Phitosteryl among other vital substances. Ashwagandha oil is also rich in tannin, glucose, potassium nitrate and other alkaloids as well as somniferine.

      Side effects and contraindications

      It is advised that pregnant women should not take Ashwahgandha

      What Herbal Practitioners say about Ashwagandha

      Ayurvedic herbal practitioners define Ashwagandha as the 'Indian Ginseng'. It strengthens without being over stimulating and in facts calms the nervous system. While it is most famous for raising libido in men, it is also widely used for a myriad of different ailments including treating the common cold, digestive disorders,, insomnia, lumbago, sciatica, and tuberculosis.

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ashwagandha can act as both an aphrodisiac and a sedative




ashwagandha can act as both an aphrodisiac and a sedative




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